reset retreat

a inner healing and deliverance retreat

January 17 -19, 2022

Charlotte, North Carolina

this is not your average retreat

In the month of August 2020, I received a strong confirmation to the dream that has been developing in my heart to "heal in a house". Sounds crazy, right? Up until now, I didn't understand how the pieces fit together. But then one day, I  sat down with my pen and the Lord brought everything together. This retreat is not a gimmick to make money for Koinonia Training and Consulting. I am not interested in hosting a retreat for vain ambition for glory. Reset Retreat is a place of healing and total deliverance for individuals who are stuck in cycles, disappointed and oppressed.

Reset Retreat is a "fluff free" zone. The inner work that will be done will be painful, yet revelatory; emotionally taxing, yet gratifying. This is deeper than a life coaching session or a quick prayer, this is the work necessary for you to operate fully in your purpose. You don't need to bring any sage, crystals, stones, ouija boards, tarot cards, yoga mats, charms, enchanted objects or a voodoo doll. The work that God has begun in you will also be completed by him and him only.

Due to the nature of the work that will be done, all parties that express interest in participating in a retreat of this magnitude will be required to fill out a small inquiry form which can be found below. 

I  look forward to speaking with you.

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Luxury Hotel Spa Collection

reset theme: refinement

the improvement or clarification of something (or someone) by the making of small changes.

Holy Bible

scriptural theme:

"He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, and he will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver, and they will bring offerings in righteousness to the Lord".

Malachi 3:3 ESV

Pearl Mirror

reset retreat: 


August 4th - August 7th

4 days/ 3 nights

luxury accommodations

single occupancy

let's change the narrative

Leave the retreat feeling refueled, refocused, and reset. This is a retreat where you're going to come face to face with your biggest issues or opportunities. This retreat is different from conferences because every participant will be given several hours of free time for self-care and evaluation. The sessions will be equally as impactful as the rest you will receive.  Are you ready?






What's included with the participation fee?

8+ hours of group coaching and personal facilitation

VIP Welcome Arrangement

Breakfast & Lunch are included

Unlimited Email Support for one month post retreat

Free access to KTC Group Coaching Forum for 45 days

What are you responsible for as a participant?

Room accommodations (discount code will be given)

Dinner nightly

Transportation & parking to retreat




What is the participation fee?





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Credit Card


do i have to stay at the hotel where the retreat is hosted?

Yes. No exceptions.

will participants be required to have dinner together as a group?

While we love the idea of group dinners for fellowship, it is not a requirement. This retreat experience may have some intense moments and we encourage every participant to take moments of solitiude when necessary.

when is the deposit due?

We are not taking deposits for this reset retreat. Registration closes July 30th.

when does registration open?

April 15th

let's get you registered!