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What to Do When a Potential Client Says, “I Can’t Afford You”

I use to cringe when I heard a potential client said, “I can’t afford you”. I felt embarrassed and insulted at the same time. For many entrepreneurs, they will use their gut instinct to solve the problem. Usually, their gut instinct is to lower the price, which is a HUGE no-no.

Guess what? The phrase, “I can’t afford you” is a lie. A big fat lie. Think about the moments that you’ve lied about what you can afford. If you really wanted it, you’d find a way to move money around to get what you needed. Here are two things to consider when you are faced with this dilemma:

1. Build Trust

Don't lower your price. Clarify the value, build trust and offer reassurance.

First, you need to set yourself up for success so you hear this objection less and less. Make sure that you clarify the value of your work through your brand and your testimonials.

Clearly outline the benefits of working with you and demonstrate the results you help clients achieve. This will inherently justify the cost of your services.

2. Just Listen

Acknowledge the potential client’s concern with genuine empathy. The more you seek to understand stand their situation, the more flexible they make become. Remember, don’t sound like a salesperson. Even though your job is to stand behind your prices, stick with proving your value, not becoming the chief financial officer of your potential client’s wallet.

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