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What’s The Big Deal Behind Life Coaching?

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Life coaching is bigger than having a conversation, but it’s also as simple as having a conversation. The most common question that I’m asked concerns the difference between coaching and therapy. To breakdown the definition, in the most non-scholarly way, therapists typically analyze their client’s past as a tool to analyze their reoccurring behaviors. 

Through the process of coaching sessions, the life coach works with their clientele to establish a new normal. At Koinonia Training and Consulting, every client’s “new normal” looks different. This is why every session must be unique and tailor made for each client.

Typically, individuals seek life coaches as a means to create a new future. Is life coaching worth the investment? Absolutely. Especially for individuals who have been stuck in a “never ending” cycle. 

Unfortunately, many individuals fail to do the work necessary to see change. Don’t be like those individuals. Do the work to experience the change. Life coaches identify problematic patterns and behaviors.

Why do I need more than one session? 

Simply put, one 50 minute session will never be sufficient for long lasting change.

- Change requires awareness. Not just any type of awareness, but awareness of your weaknesses, flaws, sabotaging behavior. This takes ownership, humility, and most of all, work.

-Change requires a financial investment. At the end of the day, money is a means to an end. It’s currency, it’s not everlasting life. Everyday, you invest financially in someone or something, (McDonalds, your job, Paypal, Starbucks, Target, etc.), why not invest in yourself?

-Change requires consistency. Contrary to your popular belief, you are not as consistent as you would like to believe. Life coaching will teach you to acquire new disciplines and further develop the disciplines that have already been integrated into your life.

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