Refreshing Your Content May Require You To Delete Some Posts

Have you ever scrolled on your social media channels and thought any of these phrases to yourself:

Why in the world did I post this?

What did I use those colors?

No one else saw that typo?

It's pretty funny to see your professional and emotional growth through pictures and statuses, but it may not be benefit you as it relates to your content strategy. Below are a few tips to help you refresh your content. Don't be afraid to delete, rephrase, and begin again.

  1. Use quality photos that are not risqué (unless you are in the adult industry, then it would be appropriate). Professional photos will always be the better option.

  2. Maintain a quality cover photo, this represents your brand's connection to professionalism.

  3. Make sure you are using the right size images.

  • Facebook Profile picture 170 X 170 pixels

  • Facebook cover photo: 828 X 465 pixels

  • Twitter profile photo: 400 X 400 pixels

  • Twitter header image: 1,500 X 500 pixels

  • Google+ profile picture: 250 X 250 pixels (minimum)

  • Google+ cover photo: 1080 X 608 pixels

  • LinkedIn profile photo: 400 X 400 pixels (minimum)

  • LinkedIn custom background: 1584 X 396

  • LinkedIn cover photo: 974 X 330 pixels

  • LinkedIn banner image: 646 X 220 pixels

  • Instagram profile picture: 110 X 110 pixels

  • Pinterest profile picture: 150 X 150 pixels

  • YouTube profile picture: 800 X 800 pixels

  • YouTube cover photo: 2,560 X 1,440 pixels on desktop

4. Update the About section on the appropriate social media channels. Make sure your business hours are correct and check all the links to validate their functionality.

5. Remove yourself from groups (this is specifically for Facebook) that you are no longer active in.

6. Delete photos that no longer fit your brand's image. If some photos are special to you, screenshot them or archive them.

7. If you've neglected your LinkedIn account, dust off your cobwebs and begin updating it regularly.

8. Look for typos in all of your old posts and then correct it.

Happy refreshing!

Dr. Dee Evans

CEO, Koinonia Training and Consulting



Dr. Dee Evans is an internationally recognized consultant and celebrity life coach. She has been awarded several leadership awards and she is a respected educator and Christian leader. She is the author of several books, which include: "God, I'm Disappointed, Procrastination: A Kingdom Perspective on the Theology of Work". Connect with Dr. Dee Evans by visiting the links below.

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