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Hashtag, Huh? What happened?

A few years ago, hashtags could make or break your entire strategy, but now everything has changed.

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, had social media marketers rethinking their strategies after announcing in a Story that hashtags don’t really help users get more views.

“They do help us to understand what a post is about, which means it might be more likely to show up in a place like a hashtag page, for instance, but in general, no, I wouldn’t try to think of hashtags as a way to get more distribution,” Mosseri said when responding to a user question in his Stories.

Allie Mason, an Instagram expert and coach, explained further that hashtags are a categorization tool for Instagram.

The only way hashtags are effective, she says, is if people engaging with the content signal to Instagram that it’s high value.

Here's what we know: we have to re-think our business strategy if we promote our products or services on instagram.

I created a quick webinar to explain these new changes! It's less than 30 minutes (as promised). Click the link below to view.


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