Cut the Fat From Your Calendar

Like every other womanpreneur, my schedule is hectic. Meeting after meeting. Unexpected event after unexpected event. Cancellations. Reschedules. Invoices. Dinners. Appearances. Whewww.

Doors of opportunity keep swinging wide and I don’t want to miss them because I’m too tired. I don’t want to pivotal miss moments of life in the name of work. So, I’m cutting the fat from my calendar.

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re having trouble maintaining a schedule, here are a few points to help you along the way.

Open up your calendar for the next month, and see what’s on it, in both your work and personal life. Then, ask yourself the following:

What doesn’t need to happen now?

What doesn’t need to happen at all?

What can happen without me being physically present?

What’s on here only because I think I should do it, not because it’s necessary or I want to?

Have you honored your commitments?

Try to be as ruthless as possible here:

Remember, even if a meeting is on your calendar, doesn’t mean you necessarily have to attend. Perhaps there’s another person on the team who could attend in your place; perhaps you could ask for an email update afterward.

Here comes the interesting part of this list of things to consider list:

1. Consider canceling at least one thing.

2. Make time for the people that matter. This may require you to reschedule some actions on your agenda. They love you and they want to see you.

3. Become “okay” with missing some deadlines. You’re human, not a robot.

Even if they don’t understand, they’ll live.

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