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Add Value To Your Captions

At Koinonia Training and Consulting, we view captions as the meat and potatoes of any post. In order to keep your community coming back for seconds, consider these little nuggets (do you get the joke? hehe.):

Write the caption in your notes section.

Several drafts makes perfect, right? You can restart and rephrase all you want without shame! Plus, your notes section comes in handy when those moment of inspirations hit you.

Put the important stuff in the beginning or the end. Not in the middle.

The maximum character count for an Instagram caption (2,200 characters) is basically a formality. But the important thing to note is that captions cut off in users' feeds after three to four lines of text. Put the juicy details first, entice them with a kicker one liner... and do your spill.

Include a CTA.

The best way to increase the share potential of your Instagram post and engage your followers is to have some sort of call-to-action in the captions of your photos. Use action verbs to prompt people to do something, instead of just passively scrolling by. Below are a few CTA examples:

  • Ask a question (“what do you think?” “sound off in the comments”)

  • Direct them to the link in your bio.

  • Ask them to share your hashtag in their posts.

  • Encourage them to tag you in their posts or stories.

Ask questions.. obvious and rhetorical questions

Encourage people to comment with their own experiences. You might be able to draw on these experiences to shape your Instagram strategy moving forward, or to come up with new content ideas.

Do You Own A Physical Planner?

  • No.

  • Yes.

  • I should probably get one.

Change the narrative, one post at a time.


Dr. Dee Evans

CEO, Koinonia Training and Consulting

CEO, The Dee Evans Group


Dr. Dee Evans is an internationally recognized consultant and celebrity life coach. She has been awarded several leadership awards and she is a respected educator and Christian leader. She is the author of several books, which include: "God, I'm Disappointed, Procrastination: A Kingdom Perspective on the Theology of Work". Connect with Dr. Dee Evans by visiting the links below.

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