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The mission of Koinonia Training and Consulting, is not only to please the client, but to impact the client’s worldview through the three simple core values. Often times, business owners hire consultants for expertise and comfortability. Koinonia Training and Consulting strives to make every client feel comfortable with taking risks and navigating through ambiguity. In the beginning stages of Koinonia Training and Consulting, creativity was a struggle. During this time period, there was not a shortage of clients, but rather a lack of impact.  As the business matured, Koinonia Training and Consulting learned to make creativity a habit and individuality an imperative. In sum, the individuality and diversity of every client is used transform plans into operations and strategy into implementation.

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Hello! My name is Dr. Dee Evans and I am the founder and owner of Koinonia Training and Consulting. I can't wait to meet with you! Whether you are booking a branding consultation or a life coaching session, Koinonia Training and Consulting is committed to a positive client experience.


Since you are on this page, I know that you are a new client. Welcome to the Koinonia Family! Please fill out the client form below or click here. Existing clients, feel free to download the free materials that are posted on this page. 


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Downloadyour checklist

Before the consultation, you have a little homework to do! Please complete the self-care checklist before the consultation. This will help us better serve you and assess your needs.

How Will We Meet?

If you live in the Tidewater Area of Hampton Roads, we will meet at a central location.

For clients outside of Hampton Roads, all consultations will be facilitated via tele-conference. If you are a client that prefers in person meetings, no worries! We will come to you. The consultation fee will be modified to accompany the travel expenses.

Teleconference Meeting Number: (701) 801-9932

You're All Set!

See you soon!

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