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Does Your Business Need A Consultant?

Consulting is the language of a successful business.. and we're fluent in it.


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Here are six reasons why your business needs a consultant.


Consultants Bring Expertise


A good consultant works in a specific area of technology, and only in that area. They typically learn the ins and outs of this specialty and become subject matter experts. If your project is something brand new to you, hiring a consultant means you don’t have to become an expert yourself! It also means you don’t have to hire a new employee, or retrain an existing one.


Consultants Have Experience


Consultants have a depth of knowledge that can be used for the benefit of any organization. From pitfalls to the best practices, consultants will have strategies to implement in the organization that will lead to success.


Consultants Help with Organizational Conflict


Are you having a difficult time with having the hard conversations? Consultants can be mediators and even develop precautionary measures to ensure that the organizational culture is healthy for every worker.


Consultants Provide Training


Most consultants are happy to share their subject matter expertise with clients. Maybe you don’t need a consultant to plan your project, but it’s always a great idea to ask them for advice and tips along the way. Many consultants offer end user training as part of their services. Good user training increases user adoption and can speed up the project roll out process.


Consultants Are Professional Partners


Hiring a consultant doesn’t have to be a short term commitment. Depending on the type of project, you may find that you need continued help after completion. At Koinonia, we believe that connection is everything. We believe in strengthening the client consultant relationship to ensure long lasting success.  If you work with a consultant, especially as a mentor, you can build a trusting relationship with that expert. In the future, when you have issues or questions, you already know who to ask! If you have future projects in the same category, your consultant already knows your business concerns.


Consultants Use A Fresh Set of Eyes


Consultants don’t work within your organization, and therefore are not influenced by it. If you present them with a problem, their solution is based on the information you gave them and not personal bias. If there is internal debate on potential solutions, consultants can help mediate that discussion and provide neutral advice

The Whole Point

Hiring a consultant might seem expensive, especially at the beginning of the project. This is a common misconception. Hiring a consultant is an investment in the success of the project. If you trust your consultant, they will use their experience and expertise to plan your project appropriately. Consultants can help you avoid common project delays, combat procrastination, decipher unclear requirements, and provide encouragement and positivity.  

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