Dr. Dee Evans

Consultant & Branding Expert

What's the big deal about branding?

Discover branding and marketing strategies that can turn your hobby into a million dollar brand.


I'm Dr. Dee

Senior Consultant and Brand Expert

with 5+ years of Professional Experience

A brand is simply the reason why people choose you or your business. A brand expands beyond icons, logos, and websites. The notoriety and prestige of a brand builds reputation and increases the value of the business. Much like anything else in life, branding requires strategy and effort. At Koinonia Training and Consulting, we offer branding plans that regulate your social media content, products, services and customer perception.


What to expect from a branding session:


[ You + me on the phone]

90 minutes

  • 90 minutes of customized support

  • Tailor made action plan

  • Unlimited email support for 7 days

  • List of recommendations and resources

​Expect to leave the session feeling clear about your path of entrepreneurship with a new found motivation to focus on exactly what matters to your ideal career, business, and life.

VIP One Day


[ You + me in a private

meeting area]

6+ Hours

  • Welcome packet

  • Pre-intensive session

  • Resort accommodations

  • All meals included

  • Unlimited email support for 14 days

  • Unlimited access to e-courses for 30 days

A full day of branding, coaching, inner healing, and mentoring to help you overcome your fears, create a plan of action, heal and thrive. The one day intensive is customized solely to focus on brand development and strategy. 


“I received some very valuable insight that assisted me in rebranding my business. The experience was very personable and informative. I look forward to doing business with them again!.” 

—  Arisha Caviness, NC

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