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Koinonia Training and Consulting is a fast growing, global consulting business that offers a variety of services that include small business branding, leadership training, project management, social media management and business consulting. At Koinonia Training and Consulting, consulting is more than giving advice, it’s a partnership. The consultant and the client are both necessary for strategy and implementation. In other words, one cannot effectively exist without the other in a client-consultant relationship. Due to the rise of technology, it’s become easier for businesses to access resources that will aid in the sustainability and productivity of their business. As a result, Koinonia Training and Consulting emphasizes three core values that cannot exclusively be found within a book or website, those core values are as follows: fellowship, innovation and creativity.


Fellowship denotes camaraderie amongst individuals who share a common interest. At Koinonia Training and Consulting, the common interest is the client. We believe that a key aspect of assisting the client is knowing the client. Therefore, consultations are more than formal meetings, consultations are discussions, empowerment sessions, and the space where strategy meets implementation. Every consultation is tailored for each client and tele-conference consultation are recorded to be reviewed by the client. In addition, every client becomes apart of the Koinonia Network, which is a network comprised of business owners, which fosters community and collaboration. The core value of innovation requires a specialized set of skills. At Koinonia Training and Consulting, we believe that innovation is equal parts creativity and strategy. Based on this definition, fellowship is a necessary addendum to innovation and creativity because it demands collaboration. Futhermore, creativity must be a habit that is cultivated in a safe space – and Koinonia Training and Consulting is that space.


The mission of Koinonia Training and Consulting, is not only to please the client, but to impact the client’s worldview through the three simple core values. Often times, business owners hire consultants for expertise and comfortability. Koinonia Training and Consulting strives to make every client feel comfortable with taking risks and navigating through ambiguity. In the beginning stages of Koinonia Training and Consulting, creativity was a struggle. During this time period, there was not a shortage of clients, but rather a lack of impact.  As the business matured, Koinonia Training and Consulting learned to make creativity a habit and individuality an imperative. In sum, the individuality and diversity of every client is used transform plans into operations and strategy into implementation.


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